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LPL partner network

Our worldwide network…

LPL Projects + Logistics GmbH (Short form LPL used hereafter) together with their partners are present in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Supported by this worldwide logistics network, we are able to plan and coordinate major plant projects involving deliveries from worldwide suppliers in a most satisfactory way. Together with our partners we are uniquely capable of handling YOUR project – on time and on budget.


…is more than just a show.  

Unlike those who simply nominate partners based on member lists of some global    forwarders’ network, LPL has been working with its nominated partners for many    years. Processes have been aligned and successfully executed in real-life projects as well as daily business various times.

Thus all partners below share a true and longterm “working” relationship with LPL.

All our partners possess or have access to suitable warehousing facilities and inland transportation networks to provide local hub capability at ports of exportation / entry if required, including container stuffing / stripping.


LPL Offices in Italy:

LPL Italia Srl
Via Fieschi  8/10, I – 16121 Genoa
Phone:   +39-010-2759 060
Fax:   +39-010-2543 105
Email:    info@lplogistics.it


LPL Italia Srl
Via Fanin 2, I - 20090 Segrate (Mi)
Phone:   +39-02-720 94 387
Fax:    +39-02-890 16 841
Email:   info@lplogistics.it


Via Punta di Ferro 2/A, I - 47122 Forlė
Phone:   +39-0543 798892
Fax:    +39-0543-792882
Email:   eurofor@eurofor.biz


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